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Fake Yeezys?

Written by Aamir Khan


Posted on February 14 2017

It has almost been two years since Kanye West and Adidas' came together to bring us the first pair of our beloved Yeezys. Each Yeezy drop sells out within a few hours leaving most of us hungry for a pair. The demand for Yeezys is off the chart and the supply is scarce and as such we have seen the market get flooded with fakes. We here at HeF Clothing want to make sure that you do not fall victim so we are going to show you how to spot those fake Yeezys courtesy of HighSnobiety.
  • The  direction of the WAVE PATTERN should be running left to right. 
  • The MIDDLE STITCHING should run straight down the middle.
  •  The HEEL TABS have nine stitches across the centre box and five red stitches on each of the side boxes.
  • The INSOLES should go in opposite directions both on top and bottom.
  • The LACES have a different pattern than the upper.
Let us know if we just saved you from spending your dough on some fakes or if you have any other tips!



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